It’s giving season, and what better way to share something delicious with friends and family (while supporting small businesses) than with a bottle of craft spirits made right here in Virginia! Read on to learn where and how to shop for local spirits this December and beyond. 

Make it an Experience

Distilleries can’t wait to host you in their tasting rooms! Sample before you buy and get to know the distiller and their products, so you can share a bottle with a story. This is often the best way to see a distillery’s full product list, including specialty, small-batch bottles only available at the distillery. Many also have online ordering and shipping available. Visit our Virginia Spirits Trail for quick links to distillery websites and online shops.

Another alternative, Virginia ABC stores carry a wide catalog of curated spirits. With stores all over the Commonwealth, look for the “Virginia Made” section and find your next favorite bottle. If you can’t find the exact craft spirit you’re looking for, you can order online and have it shipped directly to your local store in 7-14 days. 

Discover the Latest Award Winners

If you’re unsure where to start, take expert or public opinion into consideration! Virginia distillers are award-winning and incredibly talented. Here’s just a few recent recognitions to help you decide on something special: 

Bundle for Craft Cocktails

cocktail with clear liquid and sprig of rosemary
Rosemary Rickey, courtesy of KO Distilling

Explore our cocktail page to find a delicious, personalized beverage for your loved ones. Purchase all the ingredients and print out the recipe for a thoughtful gift that inspires future get-togethers and memories. Here are some ideas for this winter season

Each holiday season, several local distilleries put together their own kits and bundles, too. Head to their website or check them out in tasting rooms or at Virginia ABC stores. 

Celebrate Local Artisans

One of the great things about the Virginia Spirits community is that most operations are small businesses and true “mom and pop shops.” When you visit, you get to know them and their story. Pick up your favorite bottle and ask for the distiller to sign it for a special touch. A great gift for the spirits fanatic in your life… a hand crafted bottle signed by the distiller who made it. 

Try Something Uniquely Virginia

Virginia bottles tell a story of the land and its crops, just as much as the producers behind it. All across the state, distillers are taking corn, rye, barley and many other ingredients right from their own backyard or from nearby farmers; turning these local crops into world-class spirits. 

Some are even using local methods to distill and finish their products – take, for example, Waterman Spirits who uses coral off the nearby coast to filter its organic line of vodka. 

Did you know Virginia distilleries produce more than 175 different types and styles of spirits? Visit our website and sort by spirit type if you have a specific Virginia Spirit in mind. Happy gift giving!

Have you been itching to explore the Shenandoah Valley region, but not sure where to start or where to stop along the way? We’ve done the hard work for you. 

Scroll for a complete list of distilleries to visit (itinerary included) and recommendations on lodging, food and activities to enhance your stay. Your next adventure with #VaSpirits will be one to remember. 

Everything we mention below is conveniently mapped out here.


The Shenandoah Valley is every craft beverage lovers’ dream! Add these three award-winning Virginia distilleries to your visit to the region. Use this itinerary to manipulate based on your ideal starting point and final destination. 

  1. Blue Shepherd Spirits

This veteran- and first-responder-owned distillery is crafting artesian, small batch spirits in beautiful Luray. The Valley is the shining star here, sourcing local grains and goods in every bottle. Here’s a toast to the namesake Bruce, the family’s special Blue Shepherd dog!

  • 622 W. Main St., Luray, VA 22835
  • (540) 316-0056
  • Website
  1. Filibuster Distillery

While its origin story begins in Washington, D.C., the Filibuster brand grew to what it is today in the Valley. Innovation is at the heart of everything produced here – always aiming to create extra  layers of complexity in each glass of Bourbon (or Whiskey or Gin). 

  • 80 Maurertown Mill Rd., Maurertown, VA 22644
  • (540) 436-3900
  • Website
  1. River Hill Distillery

“We literally take it from the fields to the bottle.” At River Hill, bourbon and whiskey products are unique to the local land and people who make it. You’ll experience true hospitality and meticulously curated libations with each visit.   

  • 356 Ruffners Ferry Rd., Luray, VA 22835
  • (540) 843-0890
  • Website


Between distillery visits, these local eateries have you covered – no matter the craving:

For an inclusive list stretching from Winchester all the way to Roanoke, visit here


From rustic cabins and campgrounds to boutique inns, you’ll find a variety of options for a memorable stay in the Shenandoah Valley. 

#DYK, Luray is called the Cabin Capital of Virginia? Nearby rural escapes: 

Sprawling views of Hawksbill Retreat. Photo credit:

A bit of luxury: 


There is no shortage of things to do in the Valley. From excursions in nature to museums and scenic exploration, choose your own adventure. 

Full-day activities:

A peak inside. Photo credit: @LurayCaverns

Worthy pit stops:

While you’re sampling spirits, you might as well explore more of the craft beverage scene. It’s a blossoming industry here, so go out and get a taste of local wineries, cideries and breweries. 

For more guides and resources, head to

The holiday season is upon us, which means time to gather with family and friends, give memorable gifts and celebrate special occasions. Luckily, Virginia Spirits can be of use in all three ways. 

From elevating gatherings with creative craft cocktails to sharing the gift of local with others, here’s your guide to sharing the spirit of Virginia through the end of the year. 

Stock Up

The first step to enjoying and sharing #VaSpirits is to have them on hand. Visit your local Virginia ABC store for a wide selection, head to your favorite distillery tasting room or explore online options. Many Virginia distilleries have an online store with shipping or you can order from the entire catalog at and have them shipped to your neighborhood store in seven to 14 days. 

Once your bar is stocked, you can pull out local bottles for special occasions, last minute gifts or unique pairings. 

Pair Cuisine 

Speaking of pairings, Virginia spirits – like any good beverage – are best enjoyed with the right food. People often think of whiskey, bourbon and other dark spirits when the weather cools down, but for any spirits drinker, there are ways to incorporate local spirits with your meal.

Here are some ideas to elevate your table: 

  • Charcuterie + spritz or gin and tonic
  • Fish + vodka, gin or tequila cocktails
  • Pasta + old fashioneds with tart cherry and spices or brandy-based cocktails like a classic sidecar (lighter option for creamy dishes: cranberry or pomegranate gin or vodka and tonic)
  • Hearty Meat + neat whiskey or vermouth, a sipping rum or an old fashioned
  • Dessert + classic martini

Give Local

The holidays are a wonderful time to support local businesses. When shopping for the perfect gifts, consider a bottle or holiday bundle from a Virginia distillery. 

Spirits-making in Virginia is a diverse and storied practice. Here, more than 70 distilleries are crafting 175+ spirits. There’s no shortage of options, and you’re sure to find a bottle that everyone will enjoy. 

Make Memories

Not all gifts need to come in gift bags. The holidays are all about being with the ones you love and care about. In-person experiences offer the chance to create lasting memories and relationships with the local spirits community. 

Start here: Distilleries are hosting events all across the state and the Virginia Spirits Passport is one big adventure.

Get Creative

There’s so much to try and experiment with when it comes to local spirits. Whether you’re trying to impress at a holiday party or looking for a cozy drink for a cold night in, find crafty cocktail recipes here

Happy holidays from the Virginia Spirits community! As always, please drink responsibly.

Have you been itching to explore the Virginia Mountains region, but not sure where to start or where to stop along the way? We’ve done the hard work for you. 

Scroll for a complete list of distilleries to visit (itinerary included) and recommendations on lodging, food and activities to enhance your stay. Your next adventure with #VaSpirits will be one to remember. 

Everything we mention below is conveniently mapped out here.


Sample spirits from all Virginia Mountain distilleries in just a day or two! Use this itinerary to manipulate based on your ideal starting point and final destination. 

  1. Brady’s Distillery

Founded in 2020, Brady’s Distillery offers carefully blended and aged craft spirits including whiskey, bourbon, vodka and rum. Each spirit has been meticulously curated to satisfy anyone from the most sophisticated bourbon enthusiast to the up-and-coming novice.

  • 711 Pocahontas Ave. NE, Roanoke, VA 24012
  • (540) 685-1003
  • Website
  1. Franklin County Distilleries

When you stumble upon FCD, you’ll find a distillery steeped in history and rooted in quality local craftsmanship. Located in the Moonshine Capital of the World, you can experience the family tradition of moonshine whiskey-making firsthand. 

  • 25156 Virgil H Goode Hwy., Boones Mill, VA 24065
  • (540) 334-1610
  • Website
  1. Twin Creeks Distillery
Photo by @VisitVirginia

Another distillery with a commitment to preserving traditions of the Blue Ridge Mountains – Twin Creeks offers up complex and inviting moonshine, whiskey and fruit brandies. Each glass tells a story of locally harvested grains and fruits, fresh spring water and age-old methods.

  • 510 Franklin St., Rocky Mount, VA 24151
  • (540) 483-1266
  • Website
  1. Roosters Rise-N-Shine

Here at Roosters Rise -N- Shine Distillery, each bottle starts with an authentic moonshine recipe provided by Franklin County native “Rooster” Hodges. From there, you’ll pick up on hints of maple to peaches and apple pie. Pride in Southern flavor flows through every ounce.

  • 96 Builders Pride Dr., Hardy, VA 24101
  • (540) 986-5044
  • Website


With close proximity to city-center Roanoke or charming towns like Rocky Mount, there are countless restaurants to quell your hunger in between special tastings and cocktails. 

Farm-to-table favorites in Roanoke: 

Lunch bites in Rocky Mount: 

Find more eateries here


Make it a full-fledged vacation and stay in bustling Roanoke, at nearby Smith Mountain Lake or opt for a quaint inn. 

Unique stays close-by: 

See more options here


While the spirits may attract you to the area, there are plenty of things to do during your visit to the Virginia Mountains region. Here’s a bucket list to guide you: 

There’s so much to be discovered in the Commonwealth, and the Virginia Spirits Passport is here to help!  

The FREE mobile pass guides you across the Birthplace of American Spirits into more than 30 Virginia distillery tasting rooms.  There, you’ll sip and find new favorites, all while earning points for visiting. Points can be redeemed for specially curated prizes like Virginia-made shrubs, #VaSpirits SWAG and a chance to win weekend getaway packages.  

At the click of a button, learn about the rich history of spirits-making, taste the unique craftsmanship of local distillers and raise a glass to Virginia’s scenery and culture! Learn how to get started below. 

Here’s How:  

Step 1: Sign up for adventure. 

The Virginia Spirits Passport exclusively includes Virginia distilleries and is catered to spirit enthusiasts. Connect with local distillers and explore new products. Click the button below and follow the steps to start your adventure! 

  • Click “Get Your Pass.” 
  • Click “Checkout.” (Don’t worry, it’s FREE).  
  • Fill out your first and last name, country and ZIP code, email address and mobile number. You’ll also select if you’d like to hear from us or join our monthly email newsletter – we’d love to have you! 
  • Before selecting “Complete Order,” don’t forget to check that last box to confirm the above information is correct.  
  • Look for a text to the mobile number used to sign up and click the prompted link.  
  • While the passport requires no app download, you do have the option to save the webpage to your home screen for quick and easy access. Follow the customized instructions on your smartphone to do so, or bookmark in your preferred browser. 
  • Once you’re in, click “View” and you’ll see all the distilleries that await.  

Step 2: Start sipping on Virginia Spirits! 

When visiting a participating distillery, pull up the passport and ask tasting room staff to input the unique 4-digit PIN. It’s as simple as that.  

Select distilleries will also offer discounts, special tastings or prizes with your visit – which can be redeemed within its profile.  

Step 3: Turn those points to prizes. 

The more you explore, the more points you’ll rack up. Start browsing through the “Rewards” tab and make note of how many points you need to earn the prize you’ve been eyeing.  

When you’ve saved up enough, simply select “Claim Now” under the prize of your choice. Depending on what you choose, the item will be shipped to your supplied address, or you’ll submit a sweepstakes entry.  

The best part: we have prizes available for as low as 300 points (which only requires three distillery check-ins) all the way to 2,500 points (for our biggest prizes and biggest fans).  

Check out a few Virginia Spirits Passport prizes:

Get Started Today 

More than 650 spirits lovers have already signed up – what are you waiting for?  

The Virginia Spirits Passport is a unique chance to unlock prizes and experiences, all for visiting your favorite Virginia distilleries. You might even find new favorites along the way. And more distilleries and prizes are being added all the time. 

The passport will expire August 31, 2024. For more information, to sign up and view participating distilleries, visit

From our origins as the Birthplace of American Spirits dating back to the 1600s to more than 70 operating distilleries across the Commonwealth today, there are so many stories of innovation, creativity and perseverance left to be told. We’ll dive into the rich history of spirits-making in Virginia, the innovation of today, the local creations worth trying and the entrepreneurs and artisans that make #VaSpirits a vibrant community for all.

So, Why Now?

The Virginia legislature established the Virginia Spirits Board (VSB) in 2020. As one of 16 commodity boards within the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), the Board fosters development of the Virginia spirits industry by expanding spirits research, increasing education and promoting the growing of grains and the production of spirits in the Commonwealth. 

In early 2023, the VSB announced the establishment of the Virginia Spirits Board Marketing Office (VSBMO), a promotional extension of the Board, designed to provide an array of services to elevate the profile and awareness of Virginia-made spirits. 

The Virginia Spirits Blog, along with social media (@VaSpirits) and our website, is designed to be an educational, fun, and helpful resource as you navigate and discover all that the local craft spirits community has to offer.

It’s also our favorite time of year…

September is Virginia Spirits Month

The air becomes crisp, new colors are painted across the Commonwealth’s landscape and it’s Virginia Spirits Month – the perfect time to get out and explore what’s happening in your own backyard. 

This year, we’re making it easier than ever to enjoy: 

  • Take 20% off most Virginia spirits for the entire month of September, in Virginia ABC stores and in distillery tasting rooms. This is the ideal time to try that bottle you were curious about, stock up for your home bar or start early on your gift list ahead of the holidays!
  • Sign up for the Virginia Spirits Passport, and earn points just for visiting distilleries across the Commonwealth! Points can be redeemed for one-of-a-kind local prizes – from Virginia Spirits swag to shrubs, bar tools and even chances to win weekend getaways. There’s two remaining Virginia Spirits Expos in 2023, and you’ll earn double when you check in at an Expo (tickets sold separately)! 
  • New updates to means you’re able to search, sort and develop the itinerary of your craft spirits dreams! Start adding your favorites today, and save your route by emailing it to yourself or sharing to Facebook. 
  • Find the first-of-its-kind Virginia Spirits Guide in Virginia Welcome Centers near you! Or pick up a copy during one of your visits to a Virginia distillery. You can also have one sent right to you, just fill out this form.

More to come…

This is only the beginning for the Virginia Spirits Blog! Stay tuned for a series of regional guides that outline which distilleries to explore, nearby eateries and activities and places for an overnight stay to extend your visit. Your endless exploration awaits!