Tastemakers: the VA Foodie Team (@VaFoodie), Winchester

by: Amy Ciarametaro

If you’re a fan of learning more about new and unique Virginia farmers and producers, then following Va Foodie on social media is a must (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)! Va Foodie is the love child of a group of marketing geeks who are self-proclaimed ‘food aficionados’ at Water Street Design; who serve as an echo chamber for the Commonwealth’s specialty food and beverage industries. They’re on a mission to connect shoppers who care about the quality of their food and drinks with producers that care about the quality of their product. Their focus: all things Virginia agriculture, 100% time. This is why they were selected as one of our featured Tastemakers for September #VaSpiritsMonth: Show Your Virginia Spirit!

Nestled in the rustic and quaint town of Winchester, the @VaFoodie team works off of a solid set of ethos in everything they promote, including:

GOOD FOOD: Made in Virginia with quality ingredients, locally sourced and sustainably produced.
GOOD PEOPLE: Caring and connected to the community; generally all-around good neighbors.
GOOD BRANDS: Trusted resources using best practices, always walking the talk.

With more and more distilleries utilizing 100% (or close to 100%!) Virginia agriculture in the mix of their raw materials (corn, wheat, rye, barley, other grains and water), it was a no brainer to throw a little love to our friends Va Foodie.

For more information on VA Foodie, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Photo credit: Jay Paul