Boar Creek Distillery

Boar Creek Whiskey is located in Carroll County, Virginia, which is nestled in the south-western corner of the state, right above Mt. Airy, North Carolina, home of the Andy Griffith Show. The county is bisected by the Blue Ridge mountains, with apples being raised below the mountains and cattle and cabbage raised on the top. The Boar Creek Distillery is just over the top of the mountain in the Laurel Fork area of Carroll County. They’ve lived below the mountain in Orchard Gap for about as long as this part of the country has been settled, and the distillery is just about a mile and a half way from the northern border of 960 acres which were deeded to Josiah Hiatt, Will’s great great great grandfather, in the late 1700’s. The distillery still sits within the boundaries of the original deed. Every generation all the way down to Will has lived in Carroll County since.

The distillery is nestled in a little holler on Boar Creek, right next to Will’s cabin. In the hayfield next to it is a ramshackle old store building. You wouldn’t know by looking at it now, but in the 50’s and 60’s it was the most popular spot in the county. Run by Ellis Kinzer, it was a true general store. It sold everything from pop to guns to RCA televisions. Most of that generation bought their first televisions and rifles from that store, and the local kids could always count on Ellis to let them sneak a pop from the great big chest freezer in the front of the store.

This new distillery makes high quality, small batch whiskeys by hand, using locally sourced ingredients and American made equipment.  By building the stills (not to mention the building) themselves, they can take advantage of distillation secrets developed in these woods by their ancestors. They are able to create much more flavor from the still itself because they carefully select a complex set of ingredients which contribute far more to the finished product than most mashes do. They then age it in stainless barrels with charred red oak, allowing them to carefully control the balance of flavors contributed by the mash and the wood. In less than a month, they are able to create a whiskey unlike any other on the market.


Boar Creek’s Appalachian Whiskey

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2209 Gladesboro Road, Hillsville, VA 24343

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