Cirrus Vodka: Meet Virginia Makers

Established in 2003, Cirrus Vodka is an award-winning, premium, U.S.-made potato vodka. Cirrus began in Richmond, VA, when the partners, who are avid martini drinkers, realized there was no premium potato vodka made in the U.S. Not long after perfecting the recipe in 2005, Cirrus entered the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and against the long-established European competition, earned a silver medal. The next year, Cirrus returned and came home with the gold!

Over the next five years following Cirrus’ gold medal victory, demand for its vodka grew to a scale that eventually surpassed the distillery’s capacity. Instead of cutting corners, Cirrus decided to hit pause and bring in a few partners to build a state-of-the-art, stainless steel and cooper still down the road from the original distillery. The new still was completed in 2015, and Cirrus has been reintroducing itself to old fans and making new ones ever since. In the spring of 2017, Cirrus opened a tasting room at the distillery, so that customers would be able to tour the facilities and sample cocktails made with other local, artisan ingredients, bitters, and mixers.

Not many people realize it, but vodka can be made from various ingredients. Many of the ingredients are grain-based – usually wheat, rye, or corn – but the best vodkas are made from potatoes. Potatoes produce the smoothest mouth feel, but they are much more expensive and temperamental to cook with than grains.

At Cirrus, we believe in quality, which is why we only use the finest ingredients to carefully craft our product. We believe vodka shouldn’t be tasteless, shouldn’t be over-distilled, should have a soft mouth feel, and is best enjoyed ice cold.