Tastemaker: Paul Trahan Taylor of Southern Efficiency & Eat the Rich, Washington DC

Take a stroll down 7th Street NW in Washington, D.C., during September #VaSpiritsMonth and stop on by Southern Efficiency for the Filibuster Flight of whiskeys! Then meander over to Eat the Rich and ask Paul Taylor to whip you up a Capitol Dill. Or, try your hand at prepping the Capitol Dill at home with the below recipe.

Southern Efficiency September #VaSpiritsMonth Promotion: Flight of whiskeys from Filibuster Distillery all month-long. It’s a great way to experience the Filibuster portfolio while comparing and contrasting different styles of whiskey. The flight will feature:
• Filibuster Straight Bourbon Whiskey
• Filibuster Rye Whiskey
• Filibuster “The Boondoggler” Whiskey

Eat The Rich September #VaSpiritsMonth Promotion: Eat the Rich is offering up the ‘Capitol Dill’ all month-long. It incorporates a great new spirit from James River Distillery, Øster Vit, which is a 100% non-GMO corn distillate made in the Scandinavian Aquavit style, rested on Rappahannock River oyster shells. You can’t get more Virginia than that! The refreshing cocktail also offers up a gentle nod to our neighbors to the north, Green Hat Distillery, in Washington, D.C.

Capitol Dill, featuring James River Distillery Øster Vit
1 oz. James River Distillery Øster Vit
1/2 oz. Green hat
3/4 oz. Cucumber Dill Syrup
1/2 oz. Lime
3 oz. Sparkling Mineral Water

Shake all ingredients except mineral water, fine strain into a collins or highball glass top with sparkling mineral water, add ice, and garnish with a cucumber disc with a dill frond threaded through the middle.


by: Amy Ciarametaro

The spirits menu at Southern Efficiency is curated by Bar Manager Paul Taylor and features an eclectic mix of whiskeys that range the full gamut, from traditional bourbons and whiskeys to craft spirits made right here in our backyard. His whiskey-focused cocktail menu includes classic concoctions alongside cocktails on tap, such as his ”draft Juleps series”. The food is true to form Southern cooking such as pimento cheese and fried chicken sandwich.

Next door at the Motor Head-themed bar Eat the Rich, Paul offers up an array of classic cocktails, signature pitchers and of course, fresh, deliciously-delicious Rappahannock River Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. During their Locals Only! Happy Hour, you can find $1 oysters and regional cocktails, beer and wine.

This is nothing new to Paul, as he’s always had a real passion and interest for food and beverage. He explains, “As a child, I enjoyed cooking, especially for other people. Years later that gave way to bartending, which allowed me to be creative while interacting with people on a daily basis. It’s something I truly love: making someone’s day better through food and beverage.” And we love you for that, Paul!

Before joining the team at Drink Company last year, Paul worked for Vintage Restaurant Group (which includes Rhodeside Grill, Ragtime, William Jeffrey’s Tavern and Dogwood Tavern) as Beverage Director. Reflecting on his career, Paul can’t help but to express gratitude. “It’s been amazing. Derek [Brown], Angie [Fetherston] and JP [Fetherston] have welcomed me with open arms and helped me become a better bartender, manager and all-around human being.

In addition to being just an all-around good guy, Paul shows his Virginia spirit with much enthusiasm! When I first reached out to him and asked if he would support September #VaSpiritsMonth, Paul said, “Of course, us Virginians got to stick together!” General Virginia pride aside, Paul is quite the fan of our distilleries. “I am excited to see the Virginia spirits industry grow.” Paul has visited a few of our distilleries. As he explains, “Being able to reach out and touch the raw product/materials is important to me. There are stories behind these bottles and its really cool to be able to tell them. And understanding the significance of place is important to me.

These are just a few of the reasons why we adore Paul Taylor and the whole crew at Southern Efficiency and Eat the Rich. Stop by this September and see for yourself why he’s a #VaSpiritsMonth Tastemaker!

*Rapid Fire with Paul Trahan Taylor of Southern Efficiency & Eat The Rich*

#VaSpirits: Where were you born?

Paul: I’m a native Virginian and have lived in Arlington, Virginia (born there) my entire life, except for the time I spent attending college in Lynchburg, Virginia.

#VaSpirits: Tell us a little bit about your daily routine and some fun random facts about you, Paul!

Paul: I have a secret love for instant kimchi ramen with American cheese on it, late at night. I enjoy air conditioning, sandwiches and a good book.

#VaSpirits: When you’re not behind the bar, what do you enjoy doing?

Paul: I spend most of my free time with my rock and love of my, life Kaitlynn. We like to cook together and spend a lot of time enjoying different beverages.

#VaSpirits: When you’re not drinking Virginia spirits, what do you enjoy drinking and why?

Paul: Whisk(e)y in all its delicious forms. They seem to make a different variety for every mood or situation. You can also catch me with my head in a bottle of sherry from time to time.


For more information, check out:
Southern Efficiency website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Eat the Rich website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Paul Trahan Taylor / Instagram / Twitter

Photo credit: Jay Paul