Pig Pickin’ – SPIRITS Museum Fundraiser

Organized by 8Shires Distillery

October 21, 2023

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Join SPIRITS Museum as we partner with 8 Shires Distillery to host our first ever fundraiser: a Pig Pickin! Tickets, avalible at the door, include a meal, plus access to our special musical guest: The illustrious Tyler Meacham from Richmond, Virginia. We will also be leading tours of the SPIRITS Museum collection, and drinks will be available for purchase through 8Shires.


OUR MISSION is to advance scholarly research of colonial-era distillation while offering visitors immersive and educational experiences surrounding the practice, use, and origins of distillation from the American Colonial to Revolutionary era (1584-1797). Our focus reaches beyond spirits to all parts of distillation to include science, medicine, perfume, and also extends to fermented drinks like beer, wine, and mead.

There has been a serious oversight in scholarship when it comes to the field of colonial distillation, which is surprising given that countless European settlers survived on either fermented or distilled drinks in the Americas. We seek to understand this vibrant area of history, paying close attention to the stories of marginalized communities in order to shed light on the experiences of all people in the realm of distillation through online exhibitions and in-person experiences.

We are in need of support to turn our dream of a physical, interactive museum into a reality. Our collection objects can be viewed at 8Shires Distillery, and this year we launched our virtual SPIRITS Museum, where people from around the world can learn about the history of distillation in the early Americas. Now, we want to expand and bring a brick and mortar museum to Colonial Williamsburg, where locals and tourists alike can learn about the history of distillation of Spirits, Perfumes, Medicine, and Science from through interactive exhibitions and programming.