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Bring out the best in life.

The Lost Whiskey Club is the vision of Mark Turner and the GreenSpur Development Team. Lost Whiskey is about a lot of things counter to our everyday modern lives. It’s about rethinking how we go about the weekend retreat. It’s about like-minded people who want something different. Studies have shown the amazing impact nature has on our mind, body and spirit. Perhaps Join Muir captured this ethos best when he said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” Lost Whiskey is an answer to this call. We all need this. We need to reconnect to the humility of nature, to something bigger, to less information, to more human connections, to a simpler more meaningful experience. Good food, friends and drink. This is where the best version and stories of ourselves are revealed. It’s time to get LOST.


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Lost Whiskey is a members-only club. Members have exclusive access to the land, the buildings, the private labeled Lost Whiskey and overall experience – like no other. Visit their website for more information on how to join.

Open Thursdays 4-6PM, and by appointment. Email info@greenspur.net

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