Eight Shires Coloniale Distillery

Hand-crafted using historic recipes and ingredients of the 18th century.

The mission at 8 Shires Distillery, located in the heart of Colonial Williasburg, is to research, preserve, teach, and present the history of distillation from the Colonial American Period, years 1600 – 1775. During those times, methods associated with alcohol distillation for consumption developed new and much more palatable products. Rum and Genever Gin’s superior tastes opened new doors to the art of distilled spirits, overwhelming the taste and sales of the ‘moonshine like whiskies,’ and barrel aging, or “putting up,” revolutionized the whiskey industry creating what we now know today as Bourbon and Scotch. Using historic recipes and ingredients, the team at 8 Shires honors this past by creating their range of historical Gin, Rum and Bourbon.


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Enjoy the history of American spirits with a tasting and tour at 8 Shires. Tours will provide quality education of the colonial distillation process and how it has played a roll throughout history and even still today. Tours are free of charge and come accompanied with a sample of your spirit of choice. They begin at 2pm and run every hour until 6pm. For additional cocktails and entertainment, stop inside the 8 Shires tasting room for a game or two.

Our Cocktails

Eight Shires Coloniale Distillery
8 Shires Distillery
David Everett, Chef
Denise Greene, Mixologist
Denise Greene, Mixologist