Copper Fox Distillery – Williamsburg

A particular passion for whisky.

Founded by Rick Wasmund, with the idea of making whisky differently. The first North American distillery to build a traditional malt floor and kiln since the repeal of Prohibition; located in Sperryville, Virginia since 2005, and Williamsburg, Virginia since 2015. We start from scratch–floor malting our locally grown barley, flavoring the grain with fruitwood smoke, then aging with a progressive series of hand toasted wood chips in used bourbon barrels. Our single batch copper pot still produces one barrel at a time and the spirit is non-chill filtered to preserve the complete flavor and essence of the barley grain.


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901 Capitol Landing Rd
Williamsburg, VA

See firsthand how Copper Fox crafts their world-class spirits at either of their two locations in Virginia. You’ll see how their team malts their own barley, smoke the grain and the wood chips for the maturation process, and all the steps the spirits go through in their flavor journey to perfection. You’ll have the opportunity to sample all of their products with tastings and cocktails. Visit the shop for all kinds of swag and of course, to take home bottles of Copper Fox’s amazing spirits.

Our Cocktails

Copper Fox Distillery
Copper Fox Distillery
Copper Fox Distillery
Copper Fox Distillery
Luke Brigham, Mixologist
Luke Brigham, Mixologist
Luke Brigham, Mixologist
Denise Greene, Mixologist
Adam Steely, Mixologist