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Appalachian Heritage Distillery

Where roots run deep in Tradition and Heritage

Appalachian Heritage Distillery Photo


Our story starts in 1919, deep in the Appalachian Mountains with Grandpa Bud Justus and his passion for crafting quality spirits. Bud had a prominent smokehouse behind his dwelling where customers left with more than a ham in their satchel. A copper vessel, located in the back of his smokehouse, was not for smoking meats. You see, Bud enjoyed a fine reputation as a champion covert distiller and his patrons came from three different states along the Tug River: West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia.

Now, four generations later, Grandpa Bud’s legacy lives on. While the recipes, equipment, and unlawfulness of the operation may have been “slightly” amended, his commitment to quality persists. Appalachian Heritage Distillery strives to harness the spirit of tradition in the tradition of spirits.

Fortified by our foundation in hard work and our heartfelt appreciation for the good life, we see exceptional times on the horizon for Appalachian Heritage Distillery and our home in Damascus, a town where individuality and community go hand in hand.


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  • bourbon
  • rye
  • gin
  • vodka

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Appalachian Heritage Distillery

110 W. Laurel Ave., Damascus, VA 24236

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