Virginia Spirits is for lovers. There’s no better way to mark the special occasion of Valentine’s Day than toasting with a glass filled with locally produced, quality spirits. 

From recognizing your partner’s fascination with the distilling process and supporting local to sampling and sipping all around the Commonwealth, here are three ways to incorporate Virginia spirits into your Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

Love for the Craft

For the spirits’ enthusiast in your life, the dedicated time, careful attention and small-batch approach to Virginia spirits is something to admire. So much heart and soul is poured into crafting each bottle made in the Commonwealth. 

Seek out and gift the good stuff – special reserves only available at the distillery, hand-signed bottles from the distiller who crafted it, new releases, etc. – to show your special person (who just so happens to be a spirits nerd) that you care and understand their love for the craft. 

Love at First Sip

The best Valentine’s Day celebrations and romantic dinners involve smooth, dreamy libations. Whether you’re making a special dinner for the one you love, having your girlfriends over for a rom-com movie marathon or toasting to yourself, Virginia spirits have you covered. 

Check out these sweet, sippable cocktails: 

Even if food is the star of the show, handcrafted spirits will only enhance the evening. Here are some pairing suggestions for this day of love: 

  • Oysters + Gimlets (Gin)
  • Charcuterie + Brandy
  • Steak + Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour
  • Chocolate + Straight Sippers: While there are cocktails that incorporate and support the indulgence of chocolate, we recommend keeping it simple. Overall, bourbon – with smooth, caramel notes coming from new charred oak barrels – is ideal for a variety of chocolates. Other ideas include:
    • Milk Chocolate + Rum
    • Nutty Chocolate + Rye Whiskey
    • White Chocolate + Gin
  • Any Dessert + Espresso Martini (Vodka, Coffee Liqueur)

We promise, it’ll be love at first sip!

Love is an Adventure

If your significant other is one for adventures, Virginia spirits can offer just that. From special events to a winding trail of exploration, 70+ Virginia distilleries wait to host you this Valentine’s Day. 

There are events all month long to shower your person with the love (and spirits) they deserve: 

Hoping for something more unique and intimate for the two of you? Use the itinerary feature to plan a day or weekend getaway to a region of your choosing. We even have a comprehensive guide on trips to the Virginia Mountains, Shenandoah Valley, Southwest Virginia and Southern Virginia regions. 

And… earn points for visiting! The Virginia Spirits Passport is a mobile pass that allows you to redeem those points for prizes like cocktail ingredients, swag and special sweepstakes. On Valentine’s Day (2/14), we’re offering double the points – which means double the opportunity for prizes. 

For all the romantic vibes this holiday, we can’t get enough of these tasting rooms: 

At the end of the day, love is an adventure – and traversing through one of Virginia’s seven distinct distilling regions is a memorable expression of that love.

If you can’t make it out to a distillery, shop Virginia spirits at a Virginia ABC store near you. Sip responsibly. 

It’s giving season, and what better way to share something delicious with friends and family (while supporting small businesses) than with a bottle of craft spirits made right here in Virginia! Read on to learn where and how to shop for local spirits this December and beyond. 

Make it an Experience

Distilleries can’t wait to host you in their tasting rooms! Sample before you buy and get to know the distiller and their products, so you can share a bottle with a story. This is often the best way to see a distillery’s full product list, including specialty, small-batch bottles only available at the distillery. Many also have online ordering and shipping available. Visit our Virginia Spirits Trail for quick links to distillery websites and online shops.

Another alternative, Virginia ABC stores carry a wide catalog of curated spirits. With stores all over the Commonwealth, look for the “Virginia Made” section and find your next favorite bottle. If you can’t find the exact craft spirit you’re looking for, you can order online and have it shipped directly to your local store in 7-14 days. 

Discover the Latest Award Winners

If you’re unsure where to start, take expert or public opinion into consideration! Virginia distillers are award-winning and incredibly talented. Here’s just a few recent recognitions to help you decide on something special: 

Bundle for Craft Cocktails

cocktail with clear liquid and sprig of rosemary
Rosemary Rickey, courtesy of KO Distilling

Explore our cocktail page to find a delicious, personalized beverage for your loved ones. Purchase all the ingredients and print out the recipe for a thoughtful gift that inspires future get-togethers and memories. Here are some ideas for this winter season

Each holiday season, several local distilleries put together their own kits and bundles, too. Head to their website or check them out in tasting rooms or at Virginia ABC stores. 

Celebrate Local Artisans

One of the great things about the Virginia Spirits community is that most operations are small businesses and true “mom and pop shops.” When you visit, you get to know them and their story. Pick up your favorite bottle and ask for the distiller to sign it for a special touch. A great gift for the spirits fanatic in your life… a hand crafted bottle signed by the distiller who made it. 

Try Something Uniquely Virginia

Virginia bottles tell a story of the land and its crops, just as much as the producers behind it. All across the state, distillers are taking corn, rye, barley and many other ingredients right from their own backyard or from nearby farmers; turning these local crops into world-class spirits. 

Some are even using local methods to distill and finish their products – take, for example, Waterman Spirits who uses coral off the nearby coast to filter its organic line of vodka. 

Did you know Virginia distilleries produce more than 175 different types and styles of spirits? Visit our website and sort by spirit type if you have a specific Virginia Spirit in mind. Happy gift giving!

The holiday season is upon us, which means time to gather with family and friends, give memorable gifts and celebrate special occasions. Luckily, Virginia Spirits can be of use in all three ways. 

From elevating gatherings with creative craft cocktails to sharing the gift of local with others, here’s your guide to sharing the spirit of Virginia through the end of the year. 

Stock Up

The first step to enjoying and sharing #VaSpirits is to have them on hand. Visit your local Virginia ABC store for a wide selection, head to your favorite distillery tasting room or explore online options. Many Virginia distilleries have an online store with shipping or you can order from the entire catalog at and have them shipped to your neighborhood store in seven to 14 days. 

Once your bar is stocked, you can pull out local bottles for special occasions, last minute gifts or unique pairings. 

Pair Cuisine 

Speaking of pairings, Virginia spirits – like any good beverage – are best enjoyed with the right food. People often think of whiskey, bourbon and other dark spirits when the weather cools down, but for any spirits drinker, there are ways to incorporate local spirits with your meal.

Here are some ideas to elevate your table: 

  • Charcuterie + spritz or gin and tonic
  • Fish + vodka, gin or tequila cocktails
  • Pasta + old fashioneds with tart cherry and spices or brandy-based cocktails like a classic sidecar (lighter option for creamy dishes: cranberry or pomegranate gin or vodka and tonic)
  • Hearty Meat + neat whiskey or vermouth, a sipping rum or an old fashioned
  • Dessert + classic martini

Give Local

The holidays are a wonderful time to support local businesses. When shopping for the perfect gifts, consider a bottle or holiday bundle from a Virginia distillery. 

Spirits-making in Virginia is a diverse and storied practice. Here, more than 70 distilleries are crafting 175+ spirits. There’s no shortage of options, and you’re sure to find a bottle that everyone will enjoy. 

Make Memories

Not all gifts need to come in gift bags. The holidays are all about being with the ones you love and care about. In-person experiences offer the chance to create lasting memories and relationships with the local spirits community. 

Start here: Distilleries are hosting events all across the state and the Virginia Spirits Passport is one big adventure.

Get Creative

There’s so much to try and experiment with when it comes to local spirits. Whether you’re trying to impress at a holiday party or looking for a cozy drink for a cold night in, find crafty cocktail recipes here

Happy holidays from the Virginia Spirits community! As always, please drink responsibly.