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The Virginia Distillers Association Board of Directors is comprised of a group of volunteer peers (up to five) who represent the interests of all Virginia distillers. Our Board of Directors sit on the VDA Board for two-year terms. VDA Executive Committee Members include our President, Vice-President and Secretary / Treasurer.

Gareth Moore
VDA President
Virginia Distillery Company
Gareth H. Moore is the President of the Virginia Distillers Association. He is also CEO of Virginia Distillery Company, a producer of American Single Malt Whisky. Gareth enjoys spending time with his wife and son in their travels across Virginia and around the world.
Kara King
VDA Vice-President
Ironclad Distillery
Kara King is the Vice President of the Virginia Distillers’ Association. She and her family own and operate Ironclad Distillery Co., proudly crafting only bourbon whiskey made with Virginia-grown grains. Kara and her family believe everyone is born with a ‘bourbon gene’ in their DNA and she is definitely a carrier. She enjoys talking about it, enjoying it in the occasional Sazerac and, mostly, sharing it with others paired with a spirited story.
Barry Haneberg
VDA Secretary / Treasurer
Virago Spirits
Barry Haneberg is the Secretary / Treasurer of the Virginia Distillers’ Association. He is a co-owner of Virago Spirits, a producer of rum, gin, brandy and herbal liqueurs. A recovering academic, Barry remains an avid researcher of the history of cocktails, spirits and the art of distilling. In his free-time, Barry enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife and twin daughters – all the more when they are able to enjoy the Virginia outdoors.
Virginia Distillery Association Board of Directors

Catoctin Creek
Ironclad Distillery
KO Distilling
Virago Spirits
Virginia Distillery Co.
Virginia Distillers Association

Amy Ciarametaro
Executive Director
Amy served as the Marketing Manager for the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office for almost a decade. She loves to travel and is always in search of authentic beverage and culinary experiences. In her free time, Amy is studying to complete the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level IV Diploma. Contact information: PO Box 136 Richmond, VA 23218 Email: Amy@VirginiaSpirits.org 
Ellie Palazzolo
VDA Intern / U of R Graduate

Ellie Palazzolo is a senior at the University of Richmond studying History and French. She is interested in Slow Food, food history, and local and sustainable food and drink. In her free time, Ellie enjoys reading, traveling, and scoping out the best of Richmond’s food and beverage scene.

Contact information: PO Box 136 Richmond, VA 23218 Email: Ellie@VirginiaSpirits.org