Dry Fork Distillery

We are a distillery formed by a partnership of two individuals who had a common desire to bring a premium quality, small batch whiskey and fruited whiskeys to our community. With access to locally grown corn, barley, and fruits of Patrick County, Virginia, we produce a finer quality spirit for our friends and neighbors. At this time, we have completely legal moonshine with a touch of renegade thrown in. It’s the kind of drink begging to be passed around! Be sure to check out our blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, mixed fruit, and plum moonshines; the juice adds flavors to the moonshine, and the berries wait to be eaten.


Straight Moonshine

Plum Moonshine

Strawberry Moonshine

Blueberry Moonshine

Mixed Fruit Moonshine

Blackberry Moonshine

Craft Cocktails


534 Bridge Street, Danville VA

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HOURS: By Appointment