Filibuster Bourbon Distillery: Meet Virginia Makers

Be Heard!

Filibuster was founded just a few blocks from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., so let’s just say spirited conversation is in our blood. Our innovative approach to blending and finishing is our homage to the freedom of expression that makes the great land we call home so special.

We aren’t afraid to speak up. With decades of experience in specialty spirits retail, we’ve tasted – and sold – almost everything over the years, from super-aged single malt to wet-behind-the-ears American craft. With all that knowledge, it seemed a shame not to throw our own hat into the ring – but we knew that building a distillery is hard work, and we weren’t interested in selling white whiskey.

As a result, we took inspiration from the traditions of Scotland and the pioneering spirit of the United States, and launched a creative finishing and blending program. Guided by our Master Blender, we’ve leveraged our longstanding connections to source the very best spirit we can find, and then age, blend and give it a new voice by finishing in one-of-a-kind casks: California wine, sherry, port, you name it.

Alongside our standard releases, we sometimes offer limited edition, cask-proof blends of exceptional quality – like a recent 117 proof release of PX and fino sherry-finished bourbon. Their shelf life is about as short as a junior congressman’s in election season – the last release sold out in just one months – so snatch one up while you can!

Since our founding in 2013, we’ve grown leaps and bounds. In 2014, Filibuster seized another opportunity, and bought a 12,000-square foot former apple-packing warehouse in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, complete with its own deep limestone water well, to become our very own distillery. This year, we finished installing a brand-new continuous still perfect for making whisky. We can’t wait to start sharing the whiskey we’re distilling there with you…when it’s appropriately aged, of course. 

Our approach still remains unconventional, using new technology and old techniques. Not only is Filibuster committed to use local Virginia ingredients, but our promise is to our fellow Virginians to use 100% corn and rye from our neighbor farms.