Dry Fork Distillery: Meet Virginia Makers

When a banker and a farmer get together for a talk about corn, what do you think would develop? Naturally, they start with number of acres and the yield per acre. The conversation moves on to the current price, and futures and storage. Then the two talk a little history of preservation and the GREAT WHISKEY REBELLION in Pennsylvania.

It was inevitable that a good conversation would bring out a little corn. Corn whiskey, that is. Mountain Dew. Shine.

The idea of Dry Fork Distillery was born and a partnership between a banker, Vince Puccio, and a farmer, Tom Willis. The partners desired to combine an old family recipe and the best of mountain moonshine tradition with a unique distilling operation. The result is an exceptionally smooth premium product with a hint of underlying corn and rye. After his retirement from commercial banking in 2010, Puccio and Willis began their quest for TTB permits and Virginia licensing. By the summer of 2015, Dry Fork Fruit Distillery was licensed and producing some of Patrick County’s finest Virginia spirits.

Our distillation process utilizes a unique “no open flame” distiller. Each small batch is carefully hand mixed and produces a most wonderfully smooth “moonshine” that comes out of the hollers of the Blue Ridge. You can’t buy it at our distillery, but at some Virginia ABC stores. One must try the product to appreciate it because quality really makes a difference. It is a good substitute for tequila and brown whiskey. A local restaurant, El Norteno, has developed drink recipes using the clear whiskey as substitute for tequila.

Dry Fork Distillery is located in an old ice plant less than a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway at Meadows of Dan, where the mighty Dan River originates. Water from Dan River, which was once used to make crystal clear ice, now is used to make superior quality moonshine. It’s beautiful to behold, as Uncle Willie says. It reflects the beauty of the Blue Ridge with its vistas, mountains, winding country roads and old-fashioned country stores.

Uncle Willie’s shine is not like your grandpa’s shine. It is as smooth as the mist rising out of the mountain hollers on a summer morn! We say “If you come to a fork, take the Dry Fork…relax.”

Dry Fork Moonshine is bottled at 100 proof and is sold in approximately 40 Virginia ABC stores and seven WVA stores. Ask for us by name to taste our Virginia spirit!

Tasting Notes:

The boys also produce a natural fruited whiskey that gets the entire flavor from infusion. Our strawberry is most loved and is also available in ABC stores. Our strawberries are gathered from summer fields and beautifully infused into our 80 proof premium shine, giving a taste of summer in every sip. Drink neat or mix with lemonade. After finishing our shine, you can eat the fruit!

We also have blueberry-infused moonshine. We gather the little blueberries loaded with natural goodness in the spring especially for you. This berry drink is satisfying neat, and can be enjoyed mixed with lemonade or on the rocks with ginger ale for a nice cool summer drink.

Blackberry-infused is a great early summer drink over ice, or with mixer of ginger ale. If you like the taste of berries, you’ll love this. As good a sipping whiskey as you can get either straight or over ice. These plump berries were picked at the peak of their sweetness in early summer. Sorry to say, it is only available through special order until our supply is gone. Order online and it will be shipped to your favorite ABC store for pick up.

Moonshine with plums is good for whatever ails you. In the South, the small plum is called a damson. We found a supply of damsons in fall 2015 and canned a nice supply for southern enjoyment. That’s a good thing, too, because there were no damsons to be found in 2016. Like our strawberry-infused selection, this product can be ordered via “special order” until our limited supply is gone or online. Put DRY FORK in the product box to bring up all our products. Shipment is to your favorite ABC store.