Gin and Juice, featuring James River Distillery

Cool off with Chef John’s innovative Gin and Juice, featuring Commonwealth Gin. It’s one of our favorite drinks for a hot, summer day in Virginia.

2.5 oz. Commonwealth Gin
1/2 oz. kalamansi lime
1/2 oz. ginger juice
2 oz. blood orange juice (or blood orange concentrate with fresh squeezed orange juice)
½ oz. 1-1 hibiscus syrup
5 drops of Grains of Paradise Tincture (infused gin with grains of paradise and lemon peel) 

Add all ingredients into a soda siphon and carbonate for at least 20 minutes. Dispense over large ice cube and garnish with orange peel.

Chef John Critchley of BRINE Restaurant
2985 District Ave Fairfax, VA 22031