Gimme Some Lovin’, featuring Copper Fox

A variation of an old favorite of ours from back in January 2017, the theme of the night was the music of Steve Winwood.

Glassware: Libbey Chicago-Style Old Fashioned Glass (or any similar rocks glass)
Mixing Tin
1oz Copper Fox Rye
1oz Stone Ginger Wine
1oz House-made Blueberry Puree
Soda Water
Ice Cubes
Blueberries & Mint Leaves
Peachwood Chips
Butane Lighter

1. Torch Peachwood Chips with a Butane Lighter. Place glassware on top of the torched Peachwood Chips, capturing the smoke inside the glass.
2. In a Mixing Tin, add ice, 1oz Copper Fox Rye Whiskey, 1oz Stone Ginger Wine, & 1oz House-made Blueberry Puree.
3. Shake the contents of the Mixing Tin.
4. Remove the glassware from the Peachwood Chips, and add the contents of the Mixing Tin to the glass.  Top with Soda Water.
5. Mint Leaf & Blueberry Garnish.

Matthew Black of TRIANGLE
601 Prince George Street Williamsburg, VA 23185