The Fox and the Bloodhound, featuring Copper Fox Distillery

This drink is inspired by the classic Blood & Sand. The Blood Orange and the Copper Fox Rye inspire its name, and the beautiful reds and purples from a fresh blood orange make for an attractive hue.

1.5 oz Minted Peach Puree, sweetened with Brown Sugar
1.5 oz Copper Fox Rye Whisky
Cracked Ice
Ice Cubes
Mint Leaf
Morello Cherry

Place ice cubes in a lowball glass.
Shake Puree, Copper Fox Rye Whisky, and Cracked Ice.
Strain through a small strainer over the ice in the glass, being careful not to disturb the ice cubes.
Garnish gently with Mint Leaf and Morello Cherry

Luke Brigham of Nouvelle Restaurant
217 Grace Street Norfolk, VA 23510