Category: A. Smith Bowman Cocktails

Maple Old-Fashioned, featuring A. Smith Bowman Distillery

1.5 oz Bowman Brothers Bourbon
1/4 oz Barrel-aged maple syrup
2 dashes of aromatic bitters
Orange peel (optional)

Combine Bowman Brothers Bourbon, maple syrup and bitters in a rocks glass. Stir until maple syrup is diluted. Add ice cube, garnish with orange. Enjoy!

The Shipping Lanes, featuring A. Smith Bowman

We wanted to combine bourbon, apple, and salinity in the form of an Old Fashioned cocktail, so we started with A. Smith Bowman’s Bowman Brothers bourbon, blended it with Pommeau de Normandie for the apple and nutty, oxidative notes, and added salinity and spice with a dulse seaweed tincture and togarashi spice.

Perfect time to drink this would be on warm late-summer’s eve; it’s not to hot to enjoy a robust Old Fashioned-style cocktail, but warm enough that the marine note of the dulse will taste nice and refreshing.

1.5 oz Bowman Brothers Bourbon
0.75 oz Christian Drouin Pommeau de Normandie
1 barspoon Rich Simple Syrup
2 droppers Dulse Tincture
6 drops Togarashi Tincture

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir over ice. Strain over a large ice cube in a rocks glass.
Garnish with an apple fan of three slices, having dipped the tip of the top slice in togarashi.

JP Fetherston of Columbia Room
124 Blagden Alley NW Washington, D.C. 20001

Lower East Side, featuring A Smith Bowman

The lower east side is the more Southern neighborhood of Manhattan. This is a little Southern bar’s take on Manhattan.

2 oz. Bowman Brothers Virginia Straight Bourbon
3/4 oz Galliano
A few drops of cherry-infused Cointreau.

Shake vigorously, strain into chilled martini glass. Add Cointreau-macerated cherry.

Michael Rodi of Rapture
303 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Limonti Cello, featuring A. Smith Bowman

A cocktail with Limoncello served in the shadow of Jefferson’s Monticello? It’d have *have* to be called Limonti Cello!! Fresh picked basil and citrusy Sunset Hills small batch Virginia gin come together for a refreshing & savory treat.

Combine in a tall rocks glass:
3-4 basil leaves
1/4 oz simple syrup

Muddle, then add:
2 oz A. Smith Bowman Sunset Hills Small Batch Gin
1/2 oz Limoncello
1/2 oz Lime juice
scoop of ice

Shake vigorously in shaker; strain into chilled, salt-rimmed coupe. Garnish with lemon twist.

Michael Rodi of Rapture
303 E Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Virginia Jewel, featuring James River Distillery

This recipe came about after my bartenders accidentally “invented” a classic cocktail that I like quite a bit, the Bijou. I modified it a bit and made something that is a bit more Virginia-Centric.

.75oz James River Ostervit
.75oz A Smith Bowman Sunset Hills Gin
.75oz War & Rust Virginia Quinquina
.75oz Yellow Chartreuse
2 Dashes Orange Bitters (We split the dashes between Fee Bros. and Regan’s, which are very different. Angostura Orange is an acceptable substitute)

Chill a coupe or cocktail glass. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass. Stir well, and strain into chilled glass. Garnish with a flamed orange peel.

Derek Salerno of Shagbark
4901 Libbie Mill East Blvd Suite 175 Richmond, VA 23230

Early Morning Breeze, featuring James River Distillery and Belle Isle Moonshine

I decided to name this series of Virginia Spirits drinks after Dolly Parton Songs. Music is a huge influence for comfort, and Michele (one of the owners) and myself are huge Dolly Fans! Early Morning Breeze suited the feel of this drink well I think.

1 oz. Belle Isle Grapefruit
1 oz. Dolin Blanc
.5 Oz. James River Distillery Ostervit
.25 oz. lime
dropper hopped grapefruit bitters

Add ingredients to tin, plus ice, shake vigorously, strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Beth Dixon of Comfort
200. W. Broad St. Richmond, VA 23220